BLU Dash XL D710L

56 900 AMD



Beautiful Design

The DASH XL was designed with the eye of the beholder taken into account. A combination of front décor, black polish, electrolyzed framing, as well as a metal battery cover. The premium design surrounds and flows through out this smartphone. Available in Rose Gold, Gold and Grey.


Made With Real Metal

The DASH XL is made from real aluminum metal. Not Plastic. High end and premium feel for best perception value.


Crisp And Clear Display

Cringing and squinting need not apply. With the 5.5 HD with BLU Infinite View Technology (IPS), the DASH XL will provide a huge screen with vivid colors and HD quality to view everything from emails to catching up on your latest TV episode.


Double The Fun

You can take quick snaps with your 5MP main camera whenever a 'must save' moment arrives. For the selfie lovers, there is a 5MP camera on the front which can also be used while video calling using third party applications.


BLU Dash XL D710L
56 900 AMD
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