53 900 AMD


Innovative Design

Crafted for a smooth form factor that is easily held for photographic experience, the STUDIO PRO takes pictures to another level. Design detail such as a diamond cut polished chamfer edge on the camera to compliment the already superior metal housing. Available in Gray, Gold, Rose Gold and Black.


Metal Black Cover

The STUDIO PRO utilizes state of the art material such as aluminum on the battery cover which provides structural integrity, while also raising the bar on the aesthetic quality. Pushing the design to a higher level that few succeed in.


Seamless Performance

With a 6580 MediaTek chipset, 1.3GHz Quad Core processor, the STUDIO PRO provides seamless efficiency. The STUDIO PRO has 8GB of Internal memory for all your storage needs. If you require additional storage, the STUDIO PRO is expandable up to 64GB with built in MicroSD card slot.



Sharpness in the Details

The STUDIO PRO provides a superb high definition experience on its 5.0” HD display. With 720 x 1280 resolution and 294ppi, the STUDIO PRO will give you cinematic quality every time you view your favorite movies or play those action packed games.




The GRAND MAX blends technology and design into an incredible package. Incorporating the highest-grade material such as curved glass touch panel with color match finish ensures excellent feedback and feel, as well as a gorgeous look.

53 900 AMD
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