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PlayStation 4 Slim 500 GB

149 000 AMD

Play Try a new slim, compact, and still powerful PS4 for those who play.

Updated thin PS4 Discover the bright, saturated colors with a stunning HDR-rendering .; At 30% thinner and 16% lighter than the original model PS4 .; Store your games, applications, images and videos on your hard drive to 1TB .; All popular TV shows, movies and much more are available in your favorite entertainment apps.

Fantastic control Superior Wireless Controller DUALSHOCK 4 felt different and has new features, including a bright light panel, with which you get even more control in games .; It is the most convenient and accurate controller of all that has been released for the PlayStation.

Top games on PS4 at your disposal the biggest hits and exclusives PlayStation games with a full immersion.

Most social Console Easy to play, share and communicate with the game world.

Share Play Invite your friends to join your adventure, challenge them to multiplayer games or allow them to play for you, even if they do not have this game.

Remote Play Stream your games on your PC, Mac, or PlayStation Vita on the home Wi-Fi network, and forget about the need for a TV.

Broadcast your game Keep live broadcasts of his adventures for the whole world to Twitch, YouTube or Dailymotion.

Share Instantly share screenshots and videos of your most exciting moments in the games on Twitter and Facebook.

Be in touch with friends Create parties, communicate with friends and join the gaming community to find new players

Conquer the world to make alliances, to settle scores and play against friends and rivals online modes of your favorite games - exclusively for subscribers to PlayStation Plus.

system software updates Regular updates PS4 system software give you new features and ways to be in touch, communicate and play.

Fresh interface Improved and more concise with new updates, icons and background images interface

Data Transfer You can easily transfer games, data profiles, images and all the rest from one console to another PS4

Folders Even more ways to organize your games and applications

PSN Profile Set up your profile, and compare progress with the success in games on PSN friends

Quick menu you can create links to the most necessary functions and have access to them during the game

See Prizes prizes without having to connect to the network and information about the hidden prizes

Basic set PS4 includes: PlayStation®4, 1 piece, Dualshock®4, 1 piece, mono headset, 1 pc, HDMI cable, 1 pcs, USB cable, 1 pcs, power cable, 1 pc......

Note: * Stand for vertical mounting console sold separately

PlayStation 4 Slim 500 GB
149 000 AMD
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