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Genre: СПОРТ
Name:FIFA 16
Developer: EA Canada
Patform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Each time the fans are waiting to see the games of the franchise improved gameplay. In the last 10 years, experts have modified EA schedule and include in their projects are new leagues and clubs. Gameplay received only minor improvements, which greatly hindered the development of the series. However, in the upcoming FIFA 16 gamers expect markedly improved gameplay and graphics. There will be a concretization of many subjects and to obtain more precise shapes. Developers are active in trying to improve the passage of each football match and plan to reduce the blur of the ball, and the players hone movement.

Now there is intensive work on a system that will link all participants in the game stable emotional bond. In FIFA 15, a system tested, but according to the polls, it required substantial revision. In FIFA 16, experts will try to create all the conditions that the player was able to mentally move into the stadium. The atmosphere in this matter is now playing a major role.


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